Thanks You, And Farewell...We Love & Will Miss All of You!

We have some news to share with you, but first, we thank you for your continued support of the CanvasPet cause to save pets through your purchases of our products over the years. Now, for the news: We've shut down's various online stores and are now working through our inventory before the end of year by attending various events. We know this may come as a surprise to some of you. Though we've had success over the last four years in donating to and sponsoring events for various organizations that we believe are doing fantastic work in saving pets, we were unable to realize the full potential of the business as we'd planned. So it is that we're shutting down our site and doors. We certainly appreciate your business and are thankful that because of people like you we were able to make the difference that we did over the last four years. We hope you'll continue to adopt in the future and help rescues, shelters and organizations such as ours save pets. We wish you the best...and hope your pets have long and happy lives!

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